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Throughout the Unites States we celebrate Engineers week every year on the anniversary of George Washington's birthday in honor of the first president's background as an engineer and land surveyor. This year many events will take place during EWeek FEBRUARY 18-24, 2018. However, Engineers Week is more than a week-long event; it is a year-round commitment by the engineering community to reach out to students, teachers, parents and counselors to make a difference.

In Chicagoland there are celebrations and awards for engineers who have excelled in their field of engineering, and communications about the great need for engineers, including the difference engineers make in our world. And as you will see in the Chicagoland EWeek CALENDAR there are events for students of all ages hosted by engineers, engineering societies and organizations who volunteer their time to bring engineering to life for kids, educators, and parents.


Our goal is to provide an easy resource available to students, parents, teachers and volunteers in and around Chicago for engineering related STEM programs being offered for local students. We hope to engage our engineer volunteer community to celebrate and encourage students in engineering.


Proud to be a Professional Engineer!

  Engineers are creative problem-solvers.

  Engineers make a world of difference.

  Engineers help shape the future.

  Engineering is essential to our health, happiness, and safety.

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